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Positive Foundations Publishing

Positive Foundations Publishing began in 2014 in response to the mainstream publishing industry's lack of books designed for children of different ages and abilities that specifically address developmental skills in a fun way. As a pediatric  speech-language pathologist, founder, Connie Hunt was often frustrated by books that only featured babies and toddlers to present developmental activities. In her work with children in their homes, Connie often had clients who were older, and progressing through developmental milestones, but at a slower pace or in modified ways because they had complicated bodies.


Ideas for Any Child

Whether their children are meeting developmental milestones as expected or progressing more slowly, we often hear parents say, "Oh! I haven't thought to try that." or "Gosh...are they really supposed to be doing that already?" or "We haven't tried that at the playground yet." or "They won't sit and look at books until they are older." 

Designed for any child, the Hello books provide caregivers with knowledge about developmental skills and activities they can help their kiddos practice and grow into. 


The Hello Books

The Hello books feature text with rhythm, rhyme, and repetition to help engage little ears and minds. The artwork is rich with details that suggest activities to try while you read or later during play. Explore how you might modify an activity to make it work for you if needed. You may also use the images for naming, I Spy, or conversation starters.  Whether your child is typically developing or living with a body that is even more complicated than usual, our books will give you a positive foundation for learning and growing together! 


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